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In unsuccessful teams, there is no successful individual
  In successful teams, there is no unsuccessful individual

  Virtuous competition
  Mutual appreciation
  Mutual support

Big heart makes big things become small 
  Small heart makes small things become big

Attitude determines behavior
  Behavior fosters personality
  Personality determines destiny

Height determines horizon
  Angle changes mindset
  Scale masters life

Where there is will, there is a way
  Where will is absent, there is difficulty

There is no excuse for failure
  There are reasons for success

Men’ structure is to support mutually
  All people causes need each individual involvment

Successful people are learning experience from others
  Unsuccessful people are learning experience from themselves

Teams with ‘undermining spirit’ between members fall soon
  Teams with ‘mutual help spirit’ between its members stands high

National foundation
  Quantization optimization
  Science and technology innovation
  Grow stronger and bigger
  Keep improving
  Customer satisfaction

Small victory by wisdom
  Big victory by virtue
  Long victory by morality


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