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Suzhou Saifei Group Co., Ltd is a high-tech conglomerate, specialized in the research and
development, production, sales and finance. The activities of the Group cover technology
development, production manufacturing, domestic and international trade, investment
management, etc.
R&D System
◆R&D Platform: Saifei owns one national engineering center, two provincial engineering centers
and one joint laboratory respectively called: High performance ceramic fiber national and local
joint engineering research center, Jiangsu high performance ceramic fiber engineering center,
Jiangsu high performance PCS and composite materials engineering center and Chinese Academy of
science - Suzhou Institute of Nano-tech and Nano-bionics and Suzhou Saifei Group Ceramic
Composite Materials Joint Laboratory.
◆R&D Team:The Group formed a team of well-known professors, experts,scholars and research
engineers,including six flexible hired persons from the Chinese Academy of Engineering and
more than ten professors.
◆Intellectual Property: The company also obtained four national invention research right
patents, seven utility model research right patents, etc. and is still in the application process
to obtain 20 additional national invention patents.
Science and technology are our primary productive forces. Our employees adhere to Saifei vision of
technology, of the world, and keep on their efforts to surpass the world technology and to enhance
the competitiveness of the national science and technology in order to contribute to China’s high
tech materials industry.
Production System
The Group successively passed the GJB9001B-2009 quality management system and other four certifications. In January 2013, the “Annual production of 5 tons of polycarbosilane preparation technology”and the “Annual tonnage production of continuous carbide fibers preparation technology” have been approved by a panel of experts of the Jiangsu Office of the National Defence Industry led by the academician Sun Jinliang. Polycarbosilane and continuous carbide fibers have been identified by
the Jiangsu Science and Technology Agency as “High-tech products”. The Group won the China
Textile Industry Association Product Development Award, the National Award for Outstanding Brand in
Chemical Fiber Industry, and the Suzhou Science and Technology Progress Award for two consecutive
years.The Group successively undertook special projects, defense facilities, transformation
achievements,etc… for the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and
Technology,the General Armament Department, etc. Saifei has received the Science and technology
support fund. According to the needs of our industrial development, we successively established
units of the upstream and downstream industry chain in Suzhou, Suqian and Zhenjiang, in order to
achieve stabilization and large-scale production, and to insure that all the enterprises of the
production chain share the same time standards, line standards and national military standards.
Thus, we have contributed to the national high-tech industry development.
Currently, the Group is mainly engaged in polycarbosilane ceramic precursor polymers, continuous
silicon carbide fibers and its weaving products (including filter materials, fire prevention
textiles, etc.), micro/nano powder and nano-ceramic-metal precision components, and special fibers
manufacturing equipment.
Sales System
Our sales team has a good knowledge of domestic and international business. Our agents are
supportive and master the companies’ products to offer the best guidance to our customers. Their
tireless efforts have allowed them to gain a good reputation and the trust of numerous clients
nationally and internationally.
Financial System
Founded in 2010, Xin JiYuan Venture Investment Management Co.,Ltd is the financial section of Suzhou
Saifei Group Co., Ltd. The company handles investments in the initial stages of new materials
development and in the internet industry. It serves the strategic expansion of the Group by
collecting the latest information on national and international mergers and acquisitions in the field.
Xin JiYuan has extensive experience in various industries. Since its inception, it has invested in
over ten projects, covering aluminium-magnesium alloy die-casting, precision machining of composite
materials, medical equipment, theme tourism, OTO wedding, RFID for smart homes and mobile internet
industry, etc.
With the continuous expansion of its business scope, the Group is moving towards diversification and
The Group is looking forward to developing and enhancing constructive and win-win cooperation with
all its old and new partners.

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